Traveling Across Japan in 1 Month

I spent 1 month traveling across the whole country of Japan. Being my first time out of the country, I was very nervous and excited. I was mostly nervous to be in a box in the sky for a full 12 hours, man planes are stressful! After a 12 hour plane ride and 4 hour train ride we made it to our first destination, Kyoto.


There is a whole island filled with bunnies and if that isn't heaven I don't know what is. They were so sweet and cute, I could play with them all day!


We visited Nara, hoping to sneak into the old abandoned knock off Disney theme park called Nara Dreamland.  Sadly, we found out that it had been demolished a month prior. We still got to see the deer park which was much more frightening then expected. Ethan decided to put deer food in my pocket without me knowing. After being crowded by a group of deer, one bit my jacket and ripped it. I ran away and can never look at deer the same again. 

We arrived in Japan in November and was there right before Christmas. Being able to see two seasons was incredible.