Anza Borrego Dessert - Sisterhood Series

On December 31st I walked into a gallery in Laguna Beach and walked away with my first piece of real art. Before walking out with the painting I stood there for almost an hour debating which one to get after my boyfriend said "treat yo self". I was sweating, nervous and had to leave the gallery only to come back to buy the painting I was initially attracted to. Never in my life have I invested that much in art or anything that was not a practical item. I do not regret it one bit. The artist and painting I bought from was Laura Berger, but my particular painting is not on her site. All of them are equally as powerful and beautiful and I wish I could fill my home with all of them. I quickly became a huge fan of her work and now keep up with her on Instagram and I recommend you follow her, clearly I am obsessed. 

I became so inspired by her that I knew I had to do a shoot inspired by her work and the feeling and meaning behind it, or my interpretation at least. Laura's work to me means femininity, vulnerability, freedom, friendship, beauty, love for yourself, love for others, and love for the earth. From this bloomed my series I titled 'Sisterhood'. I had an idea of all the shots I wanted and them went into deciding who to cast for the shoot. I knew my friend Hannah would be perfect and came to realize her sister Leah would be the perfect pair to execute my idea. They are both experienced in modeling and acting and made the day so fun and effortless. Thankfully I planned all of this during the super bloom we had here in California, so we headed to San Diego to find the flowers. We never actually ended up finding the flowers I was seeing in all the photos. We were chasing the sun, but made what we did find work. I am so happy with the shoot, of course looking back I have a million more ideas. This was my first styled shoot that I made for pure fun and I can't wait to do more projects like it soon. Without further ado...